Roxana Bazán

  Congratulations for having started this amazing adventure of learning English. Learning a language is one of the best investments you can make because it opens up doors that you would never have found otherwise! I love to teach, learn and travel as much as possible and guess what... the English language highly contributes to make them all possible! 

*  *  *

Hello there! My name is Jessica Roxana Bazán and I am a certified TESOL Teacher by the Trinity College since 2010. TESOL International Association, formerly Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages, is the largest professional organization for teachers of English as a second or foreign language.
I was born and raised in Paraguay, a fascinating country which holds a massive Guaraní population, a group of indigenous people of South America. Our ancient language, also called Guaraní, is the second official language of the country, besides Spanish. Having lived in a multilingual world since very young age, I am also a student myself and know the joys and hardships of the "learning a language enterprise". I have already taught at the Brazilian Endowment for the Arts in New York City and I endeavor to assist students in ways that are interesting, simple and practical. 

I believe that successful learning is achieved when student and teacher work together towards aligned goals, so always feel free to let me know any suggestions or concerns that could help you to reach your objectives. I'm looking forward to seeing you in class soon!