Marius Burger


  I am an enthusiastic, well-organised teacher, patient and kind to all my students, a passionate teacher here to support you in achieving your goals and dreams in English. My hobbies and interest have always been technology, reading and researching an array of topics. I’m looking forward to guiding you in building confidence in the English Language. 

*  *  *

Hello! My name is Marius Burger, a resourceful Native English Speaker from South Africa, “the Cradle of Humankind”. I have completed my Bachelors of Arts degree in 2010, through the University of South Africa with a Major in English.
My TEFL is recognised through the Thailand Ministry of Education, completed in 2018. I am a firm believer in teaching underlying skills such as mind-mapping and learning through self-discovery, with two-years of active teaching experience both online and in-classroom. Teaching learners of all ages, from Kindergarten to adults, beginners to advance levels. General and business communication to young adults entering the employment market. Got promoted as a lecturer with the Vietnamese Department of Education, training Vietnamese English Teachers.

I obtained a distinction in my Home education diploma. I adapt my teaching styles based on the dynamics of my students’ needs. I have a friendly open nature and regard myself as a loyal and hardworking individual, in both my personal life as well as my career. I have strong leadership qualities, and I succeed in everything I pursue.