Liz Teixeira

  It’s a pleasure to me to share my experience with other people. I believe that the knowledge opens up many opportunities and the learning success takes place when I work together with my students. I’m an enthusiastic teacher and I’ll be always here to support you in your journey with English! 

*  *  *

Hi there! My name is Liz Teixeira. I studied Chemistry at University of Brasilia, which is one of the most prestigious universities in Brazil. There I’ve got a Bachelor’s Degree and also a Master’s Degree. After that, I’ve got a Teacher Qualification.

I had a great opportunity to develop a research in the Brazilian Forest Service. My research was focused on identify endangered forest species from different countries. The research was developed with the support of other labs from U.S.A and Bolivia. Because of that, I’ve been to Bolivia and I was able to meet a new culture. It was awesome. I love traveling and learning about new places.

Since I was a teenager, I have a passion for learning languages. I have been teaching online students for five years now and I’ve already had students from Brazil, Mexico and Portugal. I have learned Haitian Creole (one of the official languages of Haiti) by myself 3 years ago to do a volunteer work helping Haitians who live in Brazil. Nowadays I am completing my Bachelor’s Degree in Languages and I’m a passionate learner.