Hugo Tiburtino

 The whole team is doing our best to deliver to you the best user experience with the new platform and we are looking forward to your feedback. 

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Hello, my name is Hugo. You can call me the guy for the technical stuff, but I'm also a teacher in my heart. I'm responsable for the technical area of the new platform of the school, and I coordinate also the work of the developers. I like to code but my main task here is to manage the infrastructure of the website that is going to be launched soon. 

I have bachelor's degree from the Federal University of Pernambuco and master's degree as well as Phd from the University of São Paulo, all of them in Philosophy. Philosophical ideas fascinate me, since they can put in words the cultural status of our society.

I had different jobs, e.g as professor and language teacher, and I see teaching as one of the best ways of learning. But I have different interests also, one of them is Informatics. Computers and friends are definite part of our daily life and being able to use them well is also a way of securing the world community in which we want to live. I've meanwhile transitioned jobs and am currently working as IT consultant.