Advertising a hot drinks machine
Save money and keep your staff happy

It can be expensive to keep the canteen open to serve drinks to your staff through the day. Our QVM hot drinks machine replaces this service, so that you can close the canteen between mealtimes.

You can install the QVM hot drinks machine anywhere in the building. One machine is suitable for a staff of ten to fifteen people. It costs £1300 to buy, or £11.00 per week to rent over 60 months. It is not expensive to operate: for example, the cost of power for one day is 30p, nearly as cheap as the price of one hot drink from the machine.

Our company will carry out a weekly service, at a charge of £10.00. We can also refill the machine with drinks ingredients for an extra charge of £8.00. Some customers prefer to do this themselves, however.

There are eight choices of hot drink available from the QVM machine, and our company offers one month's trial free of charge, so that you can estimate how popular the machine will be and see what the actual savings are.